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Community Outreach

Raising Others As We Climb

Our members are dedicated to helping our local K-12 students whenever possible. We help facilitate various activities with the support of the YES Academy, The School of Engineering, Vanguard Engineering Society, and various other student engineering organizations.
Learn more below!

Young Engineer and Scientist (YES) Academy

UC Merced's Young Engineer and Scientist (YES) Academy is an outreach initiative that endorses STEM education by connecting UC Merced students with local schools. Once connected, UC Merced undergraduate students facilitate hands-on activities and STEM learning opportunities for K-8 students in the San Joaquin Valley.

As one of the founding members of YES Academy,  AIAA helps plan events, provides volunteers, and leads STEM activities both on and off-campus. Since its creation in the Fall of 2014, YES Academy has grown tremendously and has become an official UC Merced outreach initiative. 

Check out one of our visits to Pioneer Elementary below!

Kids Day

Hosted in partnership with the School of Engineering, Vanguard Engineering Society, YES Academy, and several student engineering organizations. Kids Day is one day out of UC Merced's Engineers Week (E-Week) dedicated to the development and encouragement of STEM careers. By making STEM relatable and fun, these youngsters get introduced to common characteristics of the universe and how common technologies function.

This year's Kids Day event, our members participated in a Solar Circuit activity discussing renewable energy, circuit theory, and created a closed circuit! These kids also participated in activities of fluid dynamics and got a tour of the Underground Tunnel.   

Check out the slide show below of some of our local K-8 students participating in activities. 

BLUE 3.png

Girl Scout Troop

In the spirit of expanding STEM knowledge and encouraging a career path in STEM, our club has connected with Merced's local Girl Scout Troop, aiding in earning certain patches. At our first event, we taught the engineering design process and tasked the troop with building a balloon-powered car and/or a popsicle bridge. Check out some pictures from the event below!

We are looking forward to many more events! 

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