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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join this AIAA Branch?

Thank you for considering our AIAA Branch! We are dedicated to providing you the best avenue for professional and talent development. Please click here to submit your interest!

Do you have to have any experience prior to joining?

Absolutely not! Many members are new to technical projects and that's what we love. We provide an opportunity for growth, regardless of the experience or skill level you currently have.

Do we have to pay for the projects?

It is with great happiness that the answer is no! We are able to acquire funding through the University. We do, however, collect membership dues of $25.00, which covers a club shirt, food (on multiple occasions), and our banquet.

How do you connect current students with Alumni and employers?

We love this question. We work with UC Merced organizations and private connections to bring back our alumni. Most of which are employed at top-tier aerospace companies, like Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and many more.
In regards to connecting our members to employers, there are several conferences our members attend, ranging from GMIS, SHPE, and AIAA. At these venues, our members present themselves, there experiences, and personalities for internship and full-time employment opportunities.

Where do members work on projects?

We have two locations where our members meet to work on projects. We either work in the off-campus MESA Lab location by Castle Air Museum or at the on-campus MESA Lab location in the Sustainability Research and Engineering (SRE) Building.
Also, members who need a ride to off-campus meetings will have a ride provided!

Does this organization volunteer in the local community?

YES! In fact, our AIAA Branch works along with many organizations both on campus and off to facilitate STEM-related activities to K-12 kids. To name some, we partner with UC Merced's YES Academy and our local Girl Scouts. Click here for more information. 

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